CCIRCADIAN technology at the impressive Sundvolden Convention Center

We’ve equipped another facility with CIRCADIAN lighting – the Sundvolden Convention Center in Norway, in Krokkleiva near Oslo. The town is situated by the picturesque lake, Tyrifjorden, and surrounded by mountains – a charming place for weekend getaways from the capital, and the perfect setting for...

ES-SYSTEM invites everyone to a series of creative meetings!

The best designs, extraordinary personalities, creators from various fields – this is what you can expect at the meetings we have in store for you. Are there any limitations in design, or is it possible to get rid of all restrictions and create designs that are absolutely unconventional and unique? You can find...

Inspiration, education, and our luminaires

The Office Inspiration Centre is a place that brings together a multitude of inspirations and combines them with education in order to design effective and functional offices for modern organizations. An area of about 1500 m2 is filled with the best models of office spaces that are perfect to work in. We have equippe...